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Create your own Widget! Save your favorite web-page with the weather, exchange rates, etc. and get quick access to them on the Widget.
Change the page view in the Widget by using the convenient control (moving across the page, scale).
Attach your favorite photos, timetable, reminders, quotes, formulas and many more on the Widget by using PhotoLink.


How to use PhotoLink?

  • Create your own Widget: set any web-page and it will be updated automatically (weather, exchange rates, news, random images, update of social network and etc.).

  • Set any photo on Widget (photo, timetable, formulas, cribs, notes, shopping list).

  • View the saved web-pages, even when no internet (this can help to save your battery).

  • Export your saved web-pages.

  • Create bookmarks for frequently visited web-pages and open them directly from the Widget (by tap the 'Launch PhotoLink' button).


  • Comfortably customize the photo view on the widget.

  • Share extension (Attach your photos on the Widget directly from Photos App).

  • Easy and enjoyable app.

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